Do you want a solid writing practice without burnout?

Pssst! We have the secret to writing forever in a world that wants you to stay busy.

Does this sound familiar?

You never seem to be able to make quality time for your creative self. And this is creating a feeling that something is missing.

You struggle to make space for your creative work and when you do manage to wiggle in a bit of writing, you are riddled with guilt for making time for something that isn’t even paying your bills. How dare you spend valuable time writing?! 

You find the publishing industry opaque, and you're not even sure what the heck you are supposed to do or where you and your book fit.

We have the solution 

The Forever Writers Club

  • We offer you tools, tips, and live sessions which show you how to master your mindset so you can write in the way you’ve always dreamed of writing
  • Learn writing practices and habits that are nearly impossible to learn on your own. 
  • Make writing a permanent, healthy, and sustainable part of your daily life. 

Common Concern: "How can I build a creative career that makes sense for who and where I am right now?"

"In a world that's always rushing us, where "good art" often has a deadline or, for some of us, an expiration date tied to specific experiences, there's a risk of creating work that doesn't feel genuine to who we are.

I choose to take the time to explore. Not just to figure out what I want to write or create, but to understand myself in the here and now and what I want for this project. When we do this, we learn to value our work in a way that lets us make decisions that aren't just about chasing book advances.

Let's face it, some of us artists have big expectations about what publishing a book will be like, or what it means to be visible. But often, that's because we don't have the space to think realistically while still holding onto our dreams.

I get it, the industry is exhausted, and there are plenty of reasons why. As someone who's been around the publishing block, I'm not here to fix the system. I'm here to give writers the chance, early on (even before they start writing that book), to: 1) Figure out what success means to them, not what everyone else says it should be. 2) Consider their energy levels and how to navigate the creative world based on what's right for them. 3) Help them build a realistic, customized path so we can ditch that old, outdated idea of what it means to be a writer. That's not doing anyone any favours.

But it all has to start before the first draft. So, whose job is that?

In publishing, we love to cram roles with all sorts of responsibilities. But what if we were open to having a role specifically dedicated to guiding aspiring authors into the writing and publishing world? What if we let go of the idea that all writers have to follow the same old path?

We can't fix what's "wrong" with publishing without addressing what's going on with the writer as a person, and the reason we aren't doing that is because we keep fighting over whose job it is vs deciding it to be a priority to build it. This, is why I built the Forever Writers Club."—Chelene Knight

What are members saying? ↓

"The club has helped me realize a dream to live as a writer. I’m now writing almost everyday or thinking about writing or the next project. I’m exploring poetry, fiction, and embodiment. The club modules, events, and community keep me engaged and curious. I particularly enjoy the prompts and mindset mondays These collaborators awaken something in me so I often come to the page with anticipation of what might just come up and out. I see the world as a writer now and it’s just lovely to be here." - Danielle Jernigan

Once you are in the club, you’ll work through a new member checklist which includes an orientation, how to navigate the space, signing up for your free gift and an opportunity to book a new member get started session with founder Chelene Knight.

After your first year in The Forever Writers Club, you will have:
  • Built and established a clear writing process.
  • Understand how you want to show up as an author in this current climate.
  • Made space in your life for joyful creation, and on your own terms.
  • Feel deeply connected to a community of like-minded writers who value the storyteller just as they do the story.

This club is for you if you: 

✨ are at the stage in your life where you are getting serious about making room for your writing as a regular part of your life.

✨ want a healthy, sustainable writing practice and understand that this is crucial to maintaining a work life balance.

✨ understand that the craft of writing is not the only tool you need.

✨ commit to doing the work. You are passionate about trying new things, you think outside the box, and pushing against traditional narratives that no longer serve you.

✨ investigate and ask questions, you are a stellar communicator. 

✨ understand the importance of wellness and mindfulness.

✨ value time as currency  (#BoundaryWork!)

Frequently asked questions

📎 Do we really get feedback on our writing?

  • For sure! Once per month, you'll have an opportunity to submit a couple of pages (using our guidelines) for feedback from the team. Chelene Knight is a published author, a seasoned editor, and works as a new literary agent. She is more than qualified to offer real time, detailed feedback on writing in any genre. In the "our projects" group, there is also an opportunity to join a workshop group of your peers (upon meeting the prerequisites).
  • Our team is also made up of writers with experience in all genres. You are in good hands ; ) This is also why our membership is priced higher than your average writing membership. We value our time and our expertise!

📎 Will the live sessions be recorded?

  • Yes! All sessions (except the silent writing lounges) will be recorded and available for members. But we encourage live attendance so that you can take part and engage!

📎 What is your cancellation policy?

  • You may cancel your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds.

📎 Will you have guest speakers?

  • Yes! We have many connections to folks in the wellness and in the publishing industry, so you can expect a few surprise events to pop up! Tee hee!. Our new Guest speaker stage space is where you will find these goodies.

📎 Are there any special benefits to signing up for the annual plan?

  • Yes! If you sign up for the annual payment, you will receive a significant discount (the equivalent of three months for free). We also plan to add some other 1:1 bonuses for signing up for the annual plan.

📎 Are there any benefits to staying a member long term?

  • You know it! The longer you are a member, the better. You'll have the opportunity to take part in mastermind sessions, workshops, special events and groups available only to members who've been with us for 6 months and longer. 

When signing up for the Forever Writers Club automatically accept our Terms & Conditions. Read our privacy policy & terms & conditions 

The Club is currently closed to new members. Please check back September 2024. 

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