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What is The Forever Writers Club?

mindset is everything

You can’t stop life from happening. The way you think about what is possible and what you can achieve is foundational to a healthy creative practice. In order to stay creatively focused and motivated you need to do the necessary mindset work so that other perspectives do not sway or derail you, and so that you have the mindset muscle to climb out of difficult situations. 

Breathing Space Creative Literary Studio was founded by Chelene Knight—editor, literary agent, and award-winning author—The Forever Writers Club is a huge part of what we do at Breathing Space Creative. We help writers create a sustainable writing practice for life in a supportive environment through wellness, care, and process building, and publishing transparency. Unlike other memberships, craft is not our core focus. Read on ....


Our Purpose

We bring together brand new and seasoned writers to build practices and habits that are important to us and nearly impossible to do on our own so that through daily mindset work, taking care of our time and bodies, we can bring back the joy, confidence, and balance of daily creation. Together we will also navigate the changing and uncertain world of publishing. We make writing a permanent and healthy and sustainable part of our daily lives.

My Story

“My name is Chelene and all my life I have been shaped by the desire to build something bigger than myself. In my youth I was up against many obstacles: unhealthy relationships, growing up without money, and feeling completely alone in my stories. 

When I was in sixth grade my teacher told me that my stories were interesting and that if I ever wanted to share them in front of the class, I should. I was terrified, but that was the first time anyone in my life saw value in me and what I had created. 

I have been in the publishing industry for almost a decade. From running a literary magazine and a literary festival, to freelance editing and agenting, to being an author and starting my own writer’s studio—I have seen the inside and outside of the Canadian publishing industry and from multiple angles. It’s true, I have been in a tornado of burnout. I recall running myself ragged, working 4 jobs, only sleeping for 3 hours, and only eating handheld foods that I could eat while walking—although this may look like multitasking or high level productivity, it is not sustainable. It is not healthy. As a woman of colour in a cis, white male dominated arena, the pressure to “do more” followed me around like a dense cloud.

No matter what obstacle I stumbled into, I always managed to map myself out of it or around it. But I never once did that alone. I realized there was a bigger world out there full of people who not only needed support via a like-minded community, but that taking care of our minds and bodies would play an integral role in how far we went. 

I’ve learned that self-care and wellness are integral components for achieving and maintaining a successful career as an entrepreneur and as an artist, and that learning about the nuances of the publishing industry allowed me to see the light in a very dark tunnel.

I started The Forever Writers Club through Breathing Space Creative because I want writers to see and learn how to find their own route to a healthy, sustainable writing practice and that it’s not an MFA or being published that makes you a writer. Being a writer means showing up for yourself every single day, and writing consistently—in a way that nourishes you and your community.”

↑ The course includes: ↓

- Poetry as a foundation
- On powerful storytelling
- Writing dialogue
- Developing your style
- The Guts: drafting with intention
- Calling in the real writing: REVISION

The course also ties in our core mindset work too.

This club is for you if you: 

✨ are at the stage in your life where you are getting serious about making room for your writing as a regular part of your life.

✨ want a healthy, sustainable writing practice and understand that this is crucial to maintaining a work life balance.

✨ understand that the craft of writing is not the only tool you need.

✨ commit to doing the work. You are passionate about trying new things, you think outside the box. 

✨ investigate and ask questions, you are a stellar communicator. 

✨ understand the importance of wellness and mindfulness.

✨ value time as currency  (#BoundaryWork!)

✨ know your self-doubt needs support

✨ recognize that creating art is difficult, but rewarding

✨ want to explore your strengths and assess “what” you truly want to write.

✨ troubleshoot when you feel stuck. 

✨ embrace the knowledge that your ideas help you interpret your passion for art as a duty, and a daily practice that serves people. But it takes work to get there. And as an emerging writer, you require constant reminding.

✨ refuse to quit. 


We hear it all the time...

“I do not have time to make writing a regular and inclusive part of my life. I don’t have the skills, community, or accountability  support I need to create long term. I do not understand how to develop a writing practice or why it’s important. I also lack cheerleaders. When I finish a project or publish it, I feel drained. When it comes to writing, I want to give up."

But ...

After joining The Forever Writers Club you will 

have made space in your life for joyful creation. You will have built and established a clear writing process, feel connected to a community of like minded folks who are venturing on a shared journey and hold the same goals as you.  You will have honed the craft skills you already hold in order to be well equipped to complete your project (and future projects) with a core group of cheerleaders in a healthy, nourishing, joyful, and sustainable way—for life. 

Oh, and we value and celebrate our members. The longer you are a part of the club, the more perks you receive. Gifts in the mail, access to small group writing workshops, books, bonus feedback on writing ... the list goes on and on. It pays to be a Forever writer!

Frequently asked questions

📎 Do we really get feedback on our writing?

  • For sure! Once per month, you'll have an opportunity to submit a couple of pages (using our guidelines) for feedback from the team. Chelene Knight is a published author, a seasoned editor, and works as a new literary agent. She is more than qualified to offer real time, detailed feedback on writing in any genre. Fun bonus we plan to add: Members can also sign up for optional weekly cheerleading voice memos from Chelene who will send you a specially curated voice memo right to your phone. 
  • Team Breathing Space Creative is also made up of writers with experience in all genres. You are in good hands ; ) This is also why our membership is priced higher than your average writing membership. We value our time and our expertise!

📎 Will the live sessions be recorded?

  • Yes! All sessions (except the silent writing lounges) will be recorded and available for members. But we encourage live attendance so that you can take part and engage!

📎 What is your cancellation policy?

  • You may cancel your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds.

📎 Will you have guest speakers?

  • Yes! We have many connections to folks in the wellness and in the publishing industry, so you can expect a few surprise events to pop up! Tee hee!. 

📎 Are there any special benefits to signing up for the annual plan?

  • Yes! If you sign up for the annual payment, you will receive a significant discount (the equivalent of three months for free).

📎 Are there any benefits to staying a member long term?

  • You know it! The longer you are a member, the better. You'll have the opportunity to take part in mastermind sessions, workshops, special events and groups available only to members who've been with us for 6 months and longer. 

read our privacy policy & terms & conditions 

As of May 2022, the Forever Writers Club will be offered on a sliding scale to create multiple access points for folks depending on their financial security.


It is our goal at Breathing Space Creative that our programs wherever possible allow folks from a diversity of backgrounds to take part while still recognizing the need to make a living and grow as a new business without burning out due to giving beyond our means. In other words we want to practice what we preach. Please read our ethics page for more detail.

  • Utilizing the sliding scale does rely on the principle of truthfulness. 

  • The highest dollar cost (tier 1) reflects the true cost and value of the forever writers club

  • The middle cost (tier 2) reflects my knowledge that the full cost would prevent some folks from participating

  • The bottom cost (tier 3) recognizes folks whose economic circumstances would prevent them from participation without access to services at a cost reflective of their economic realities. 

Please use the following diagram to help you find out where you fit on the sliding scale, and then select a plan accordingly. 

All plans will have the same club access, perks, and tools, including the new self-paced craft course being added to the club in the summer of 2022. 

Not ready to sign up yet? 


Click here to join the hundreds of writers on our list and receive updates and other cool things via Breathing Space Creative!

You belong here ; )

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